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REPLAY: Path of the Prophecies

Path of the Prophecies

The current social, financial, corporate and government events in our World are causing many people to feel confused, anxious and fear . . but You don't have to because there's a much better, brighter way to look at all of this! It may look like craziness out there, but it's all written in the stars. Astrology is the piece that connect the dots of the Prophecies and helps us confirm what we feel we know.  

Thanks to having The Leo King * We get to learn how Astrology of the past and present is affecting our current Global Evolution process!

Understanding the Path of the Prophecies will help You:
* Remember why You're here now at the "End Times"
* What your role is as we Evolve in Unity
* How to stay positive and confident 
* Understand why it's happening in Perfect Divine Order
* Embrace these changing times of Ascended Evolution through "Spiritual Mastery of the Human Experience." 

You will go home with the Trust that You and your family are Divinely guided, protected and empowered with the knowledge and tools to go forward with confidence!
We will cover several topics, prophecies, quotes, facts and scientific information including,
* Edgar Cayce - Map of the New World & Prophecies
* Notradamus - Top 10 Predictions & Confirmations
* Atlantis, Lumeria and St. Germain - The Resurection of Light
* Paramahansa Yogananda - Guidance notes from Satsangs 
* Hopi 
* Lakota 
* Mapuche & the "End of Times" Prophecies* Damanhur and other Sacred Communites - Sustainability
* Niribu's path and role in the sequence of Universal events* The 3 "times" or calendar systems - Which one should we use?* What is Universal Time & how are we affected by it*** And most importantly - What YOU need to Know and Do so that You are prepared, aware, confident and stay in the LIGHT! 

Flow of the Day
10:30 - 10:50am -- Arrival and Check In. Find your spot and get comfy! 
11:00 - 5:00pm   -- Deep dive into Ancient knowledge, Astrology and how to apply the teachings to empower your life with Trust and confidence.  
** Mid-day dance break**
 Stretch and Snack time 
5:15 - 6pm -- Venus Sunset Meditation & Group Healing (live and online) 
730-10pm -- Dance Party
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